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Joomla! 1.5
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First of all, you should know that this plugin will replace the original K2 User Plugin. So in case you update your K2 installation or install it once again on the top, you will need to re-install the plugin as well. The plugin is not a hack, neither a fork, it simply uses different logic when creating the K2 user.

What it does? It assigns the users automatically to a K2 group. Why is this useful? If you use other extension for users handling (like JomSocial, VirtueMart and similar), the users do not have any K2 user group assigned and therefore there are few issues:
- Users can not post comments if comments are enabled for registered users only.
- Users can not post items or edit them.

Our small modification solves that issue. The user is automatically assigned to the registered users group in K2 (or other if you set it in the plugin parameters).

Please note, this plugin does the trick for newly registered users only. For the old one you should still edit them by hand at the backend.