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Hi I am a lucky chap to be married to a super hot wife. I have a good paying job and my wife loves to be a housewife. Her body is like a latina pornstar and has an outwardly opening pussy, always wet and willing. She had tried at least four boys and men including a foreigner, and her lecturer.

She even had a fling with a lesbian, but left out once she was becoming too annoying. Her confession had only spiced up our sex lives and we developed greater bond than before.

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I had got her into a Zumba class to help her be in shape and we had a maid to attend our menial chores at home. We had never been routine in sex and fucked whenever we felt horny.

Our this habit was also obvious to our maid, but she maintained her distance. This would give me a secret pleasure to openly fondle her. One day as I was dunking my 6inch cock in her wet pussy, she asked me, If I fancied our maid.

I vigorously did Horny wife sex stories and shouted, yes… My wife too climaxed Horny wife sex stories I shot my load into her pussy. After this she would whisper the maids name in my ear as we fucked and I would tell her how I would fuck them both. I was following her as she mopped to ensure the work is done correctly but I had a semi-erection. My boxers had a slip through near the cock head, and I think some part of it was visible. But it was common for men in our society to be dressed like this. After some time my wife came back and saw me pointing my erect cock in my boxers to the maid whose ass was inches away.

She gave a wicked smile and went to change. She wore her skimpy gown, and nothing inside and coarsely tied it and came near us. Then she began a casual chit-chat with the maid, said the weather was horrible and wondered how the maid worked with so much of clothes on. The maid said it was okay and she was used to it but in some places she would remove her saree if there were no gents around. My wife asked me if I can sit in a room while the maid is here and she can work with minimal clothes on. I agreed, and maid said its OK with me if I hang around, since I too do not have much on me.

The maid too laughed and remarked my wife is really hot. This incident made us open up more with her. Two three days after this my wife made me a video call when I was in office. Then she put me on speaker and switched the camera and showed me the maid who was mopping in her petticoat and blouse. She was hot.

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My wife told me that now our maid is comfortable. I saw the maid turn back once and her work. It was fun. This went on for a while and one day the maid was close and she saw her on the display. Surprisingly she casually remarked that I could see her without saree.

One week later the maid came when I was at home. I wore a small thin sprinter shorts and a vest while my wife had her slip showing the side and pointy nipple Horny wife sex stories her boobs and a miniskirt. The maid went into the bathroom and came out without her saree and her petticoat fixed to her waist showing a lot of cleavage and legs.

Soon I was horny and kept staring at the boobs. My wife asked her if she wanted she can Horny wife sex stories her some comfy clothes, which were older. Maid asked her to show and my naughty wife was showing her some very skimpy shorts and tops of her. My wife told her to wear it inside her saree and can remove it once she came in our house.

The maid said jokingly that I might confuse her for my wife. Soon the maid would wear these things while working and my wife started giving her more skimpy ones. Things were heating up. One day I was busy speaking on my phone and the maid came and stood next to me to ask something.

I mistook her for my wife due to her dress, reached over and cupped her ass. She let out a surprised squeak and my wife walked in. She saw what happened and started to laugh uncontrollably. The maid was shy and I was speechless.

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Now my wife said to maid that if some other man were to wear my shorts, she would have done the same. My wife now cupped the maids ass and said that the maid has sexy ones. This was horny now and my member rose up in my shorts.

My wife pointed it to the maid that see even he likes it. The maid was shy and looked away but still stood there.

Now her voice was bit husky and low, which made me hornier. The maid said this is nice enough why do you need more. Then my wife said, pointing to her pussy that it needs more and I was unable to fully penetrate her and I have a small thing. The maid said no this is big enough and more bigger ones would cause pain.

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My wife just lifted her miniskirt, drew the maids hand to her naked shaved pussy and stuck one of her fingers in, and said my pussy is a bigger one. Soon there were fewer words and more feeling up. The Horny wife sex stories said yes you have a big one and need bigger ones than this, pointing to my cock in shorts. Now the calling bell rang and we had to stop. Now it was normal for me and my wife to feel up the maids ass, or grope her tits or give her a sticky rub whenever she was with me.

One day I saw a young hot assami watchman at our gates. He was smooth, fair, in great shape and had a bubble butt and a fancy haircut which made him look gay. I talked to him and soon he would smile at me. One day when the maid was at home, and I had stripped to my undies to have some exhibitionist fun, the door bell rang. I asked my wife to answer as I was busy feeling up the maids tits. My wife had worn a t shirt torn below her boobs, underboobs visible, and had a miniskirt with no panties.

Horny wife sex stories assami watchman was at the door and he was taken aback to see my wife dressed so provocatively. He stammered at first and later offered to wash the car for some payment. I rushed to the door and readily agreed.

He was happy but also shocked to see me in undies. His eyes were drifting again and again to my visible tent and to the boobs of my wife.

My wife led me to the sofa and sat on me covering our genitals with her skirt. By then the maid had finished and she came wearing her saree enquiring who was it? My wife said it was the new watchman who will do some jobs for us. The maid suspiciously looked at our state and said the new one, he is weird and casually said she had caught him doing some nasty things in the lift room.

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I asked her what he did, to which she smilingly said looks like Horny wife sex stories people like him. I pleaded her to tell what he did to which she said he was sucking a big one. I came as she spoke this and my wife got up with her leaking pussy to show the maid my flaccid cock. The maid smirked at it and said it needs to grow to satisfy my wife and the one the watchman sucked was bigger than mine and left. I asked my wife how she fancied the watchman as she has never tried any assami. She was thrilled and made me suck her boobs and said he looks gay to me.

I said we need to find out if he is gay. She kissed me and asked hope I am not sad about all these. I said no and added even I liked him and wanted to try new things.