Review - J! 1.5/2.5 template - K2 Google Microformats

Joomla! 1.5
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Review - J! 1.5/2.5 template - K2 Google Microformats

Review by StyleWare is revolutionary template that brings a lot of new and unseen stuff in the Joomla! world.

It brings into a single template plus few additional modules and plugins so much inovation, that we probably needed more time to describe its possibilities than to develop these.

But here it comes...

Integrated Google Maps

Via plugin, we integrated Google Maps in K2. In simply amazing way. Find out more.

Comments as reviews

See how we modified the K2 comments module (template overwrite).
Menu Structure
Sub-menus, more sub-menus, K2 navigation and so on. Read more.

Go to top plugin (Joomla 1.5 version only)

We used MooTools to create one very simple, yet useful plugin. The plugin appears on the bottom-right corner, once the user scrolls down. Read more.

Google Microformats

Yes, we are one of the first (at least we don't know anyone else), who introduce Google Microformats in Joomla! You probably wander what this is exactly?

K2 Tabs

Do you think a page is too long sometimes? We do.

Especially like we do and put a lot of stuff in our content. Now image with the endless possibilities of K2 with maps, comments, video, image gallery, additional fields, attachments... the page can be very very long. Read more.

Pop-under Plugin (Joomla 1.5 version only)

We always wanted to have a nice pop-under plugin that loads important content that we as site owners want to display to our visitors. However we couldn't find good solution so far.

Therefore we created our own...