JomSocial and K2 integration package

Joomla! 2.5
K2 v2.5
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JomSocial and K2 integration package


When you are building a social networking site, you would love to have a single profile. That package does exactly this – it full replaces the K2 profile with the JomSocial data and even integrates it further.

What is integrated?

  • User avatars and links to profiles – all of them link to JomSocial profile instead of K2 profile. It means in modules, categories, items, comments etc.
  • Actions – when user ads or edits article or posts a comment, this is displayed in JomSocial as activity with option to like and comment.
  • Latest articles and latest comments – two applications for K2 in JomSocial profile.
  • Joomla! 2.5.
  • K2 2.5.5 (it is designed for that version, it will not work on earlier versions and may not work on newer).
  • JomSocial 2.4 (it is designed for that version, it may not work on earlier versions and may not work on newer, however the tests with JomSocial 2.6 RC2 had no issues).

System requirements

Very important notes

  1. The package works with the default template of K2 ONLY. If you are using custom overwrites from template clubs like Joomlart, Rockettheme, Gavick etc., the package will not work with these templates in full.
  2. The package HACKS few files from K2, so please be aware of that. If you reinstall or upgrade your K2 version, the package will stop working.
  3. The package overwrites the files en-GB.override.ini files both in administrator and site section. If you have entered overwrites there, please backup before install.


The zip file is installed as is. You don’t need to extract it, if you wish to use all the features. However, if you unzip it and install each of the zips in the archive, you may decide to make only parts of the integration. Each sub-zip file can be installed separately as well.

  • – contains two JomSocial applications that display the user latest posts and comments in his JomSocial profile.
  • – contains one system plugin that translates the language strings in all of the packages. You must always install and enable this plugin.
  • – contains all the K2 modules, forked to have the JomSocial integration with them. Use these modules, instead of the original K2 Modules. They are exactly the same, except for the profile integration.
  • – this sub-package hacks K2 to allow the streaming in JomSocial when user comments, ads or edits article. Uninstalling this (or the whole BIG package will result in errors). To fix this errors after uninstall, you must reinstall K2 again.
  • – this sub-package ads a JomSocial template in K2. In order to enable the integration, you should choose the JomSocial template for your categories.

How it works?

  1. Install the package (or some of the sub-packages if you selected to do so).
  2. Go to plugins and enable a plugin that should appear with the name “K2 JomSocial Integration”
  3. Go to your categories and select “jomsocial” as your category template. You should do so for each category, which you want to display integration of K2 and JomSocial.
  4. Go to JomSocial -> User Points and click on “Rule Scan”, at least three new rules should appear: “Add Article”, “Edit Article”, “Post Comment”. Click on Refresh. The new rules will appear in the list and you may change the points.
  5. Your JomSocial installation should contain at least these two fields: “FIELD_ABOUTME”, “FIELD_WEBSITE” to work correctly.
  6. Go to Plugins and filter to see the community plugins. There should be two plugins “K2 Comments” and “K2 Items”. Enable and setup these if you wish.
  7. Go to Modules and enable these K2 modules that you want to use. We have copied all of the built-in modules of K2 and added suffix _jomsocial to make it easier to use.


If for any reason you choose to uninstall the integration, please uninstall what you have installed (i.e. if you have installed the big package – only uninstall it.).

If you have installed the BIG (all-in-one) package or the Stream package, you will need to reinstall K2. Just go to the extension manager and install K2 again. No data will be lost.

Using with other K2 templates

If your template has overwrites (many of the Gavick, Joomlart, Rockettheme etc. templates have it), be aware that the patch will not work with these. You either should use our sub-template (jomsocial) or not use the integration at all.

You may however use our free tutorials to make the template integration. We do not provide free integration for other templates.