Companybiz - business Joomla! 1.5 Template

Joomla! 1.5
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Companybiz - business Joomla! 1.5 Template

Our fourth Joomla Template - Companybiz combines several features in it. First of all it is a stylish general use template that offers K2 support, comes with a brand new StyleWare extensions developer or re-written inhouse and offers nice design by applying the Joomlart's T3 v2 framework. The design provides flexibility to the webmasters to put their blocks in over 15 module positions. Proper heading tags are part of the template.

This template is not supported anymore!

We decided to support and integrate the following third party extensions in Companybiz:

  • K2 CCK - we included template overwrites for the very popular K2 extension.
  • Compojoom Comments - special template has been developed for the popular comments extension by Compojoom, including custom set of emoticons.
  • Mosets Tree - a special template has been developed for the popular directory extension - Mosets Tree. It comes with support of the popular Moxie Maps.
  • Kunena - a special template has been developed for the most popular forum system for Joomla!

StyleWare's extensions:

  • SW Contacts Module
  • SW Twitter Enhanced Module
  • K2 Maps Plugin
  • EasyLoad Plugin

Here come the features of the template:

  • Clean, stylish design;
  • Corporate or Blog usage;
  • Mega menu;
  • T3 v2 framework by Joomlart;
  • SW Contact Module (MVC rewrite of Amplify Contact module by;
  • SW Twitter Enhanced Module (with option and style to display up to 4 additional social icons with links to Your profile - Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook and Flickr.);
  • K2 Google Maps plugin
  • EasyLoad plugin - makes the page load (images) only if needed (i.e. images bellow scroll, appear only after scroll)
  • Styled K2 pages for user, category, comments, tags and everything else;
  • Typography (via Joomlart's plugin);
  • 21 module positions (easilly add many more);