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Kendo UI Joomla! Plugin by StyleWare

StyleWare is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Kendo UI Plugin for Joomla! This is plugin for development and design purposes, based on jQuery and integrating the Kendo UI developed by Telerik for Joomla!

More about Kendo UI

Popunder Plugin for Joomla! 2.5/3.x

Download and Installation

  1. Download the plugin from the attachments here.
  2. Don’t unzip it. Go to your Joomla! Backend, there to Extensions-> Extension Manager
  3. Select the file from your computer and click Upload & Install.
  4. Go to Extensions-> Plugins and enable the plugin.

Settings and How to

Unlike the previous version of the plugin, the current one gives a bit more control to display content from your Joomla! website. This is done with loading a module position in the content of the plugin.

K2 and JomSocial Profile Integration (FREE)

Please note: This is template overwrite and not plugin/module etc. Therefore it can not be installed with the Joomla! installer.

Sourcing from our incredible BizWeb template this template overwrite provides the opportunity for you to display in K2 blog, the avatar, web-site and personal description from JomSocial and that way to completely disable the profile in K2 and rely only on JomSocial to handle it.

K2 tabs and slide module

With this very flexible, native, MVC module You are able to slide desired K2 articles in the way You like.

Community - Mtree Toolbar for JomSocial

You can now easily access your ads, catalog items or anything you made with Mosets Tree directly from the JomSocial menu.

Search - Albums

This plugin allows the users to search the JomSocial albums through the standard Joomla! search.

Search - Events

StyleWare continues its support to the Joomla! community by providing free plugins like this plugin to search events created in JomSocial through the global Joomla! search installer.

Search - Photos

This plugin allows the users to search the photos and the comments under it in JomSocial with the standard Joomla! search.

Search - Discussions for JomSocial

Allows the users to search in the discussions of JomSocial through the standard Joomla! search.
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