Joomla! Day 2012 - Report by StyleWare
Written by Grigor Mihov   
Sunday, 14 October 2012 01:58

Joomla! Day Bulgaria 2012

Joomla! Day Bulgaria 2012

We at StyleWare are quite proud for being part of the Joomla! Day in Bulgaria this year. It was tremendous event with a lot of international speakers, most notable being Fotis from Joomlaworks and Max from Virtuemart.

The fourth Joomla! Day in Bulgaria and the first ever with international speakers started with a session about Joomla! 3.0 by Mihail Semerdzhiev, explaining the Joomla! versions lifecycle and what’s new in Joomla! 3.0. The main message was: Don’t upgrade if you don’t know what are you doing and if you plan a site to be live after 5-6 months, it is probably a good idea to consider Joomla! 3.0 as a starting point.

The next session was by Robin Poort, who displayed basics and advanced mechanics in elevator’s design. Kidding, now seriously, he was brilliant in showing examples how the usability of every site could be improved and how forms matter for end users. Don’t make me think was the main message he made the crowd to believe in.

It was time for the main sponsor of the event – to demonstrate their cloud hosting solutions in a short presentation by Lyubomir Rusanov, CEO of the company. Superhosting is the main sponsor of Joomla! Day in Bulgaria for second year in row.

After short launch break, Fotis Evangelou from Joomlaworks demonstrated the abilities of K2, its current state and revealed some of the features and improvements of the upcoming version 3 of the most popular Content Construction Kit for Joomla! We don’t want to give hints, but the future looks more than promising. A lot of questions came out after Fotis’s session and we at StyleWare are proud to be one of the companies devoted in producing K2 Extensions.

Edward Dimitrov from 3D Web Design presented the opportunities to earn money with Joomla! in different ways, some of them looking quite obvious, but others being innovative and very interesting to consider.

Joomla! Day Bulgaria 2012 continued with exciting session by Max Milbers, the Project Leader of VirtueMart, who get in very deep explanations of VM 2.0 and its features. Virtuemart is currently one of the most popular e-commerce software in Bulgaria.

After the coffee break in the afternoon, there was a small surprise. Fotis Evangelou was supposed to speak about the ways to improve the Joomla! performance, but he was surprisingly joined by Theo van der Zee from Theme Partner, who gave excellent advises on frontend performance and measurement. This was probably the best presentation for the day, highly valued even by non-Joomla! developers, who attended the event.

The event ended with long and very informative presentation by Stanislav Dimitrov from Hop Online, who basically put within one hour all current SEO trends, his experience and hints how to solve current issues in respect to changes in the Google search algorithms. Stanislav is probably one of the best speakers for such type of events in Bulgaria. Very informative, but still understandable, his presentation was the culmination of the Joomla! Day 2012 in Bulgaria.

The event was hosted by the Telerik Academy, sponsored by Superhosting, SiteGround, K2 (JoomlaWorks), VirtueMart, Theme Partner, 3D Web Design, StyleWare, Joomla! Bulgaria, Joomlart and Intuitive Technology.

Media partners of the event were, ADX, MixMedia, and Nixanbal.

It all ended in a beer and more hard drinks party in Ugo Pizza near the event space. Hope to see you in the next year Joomla! Day!

Photo is courtesy of Viki-M Computers.