SW Tubular – YouTube video as site background

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SW Tubular – YouTube video as site background
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This Joomla! module allows you to run YouTube video as a background of your web site. It has few parameters that allow you to control on which pages to display the video.Setup: Install the module, go to Extensions->Module Manager, open it, enable it and enter the following minimum data:

- YouTube Video ID: This is for example here, the bold part of
- Enter the ID of the top container of your Joomla template (varies based on the template). Just view the source of your web site, and see the first div id (i.e. ) ja-wrapper


  • Mute video
  • Repeat video
  • Start from
  • Load jQuery

 NB: Youtube player is not loaded on mobile in order to save mobile data traffic. This is a restriction from Youtube API.

View demo


Update history:

[+] Added Joomla! 3.0 support

[^] Bug fix for the repeat function

[+] Added Joomla! 3.0 support

 Added "Repeat" option - you tube video can repeat after end
 Added "Mute" option - you can mute the sound of the video
 Added "Start at" option - can select from which second to start the video
 Youtube video now plays within Iframe, instead of an Object tag.