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Filter for K2
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Suitable for shops, catalogs, product sites and anyone who wants to add an opportunity to search and filter the content generated by K2.

"Filter for K2" can be used as standard filtering or as AJAX based module for filtering of K2 items.

With this module you can easily filter your K2 items by the values from the extra fields, by category or tag. You can choose to filter the items from one or several categories. You also have the option to choose exactly which specific items to be available for filtration. "Filter for K2" allows you to filter by one or several fields. In module parameters you can choose which fields to be loaded into the module and respectively which the user can filter out. 

Every K2 extra field can be transformed to:

  • multiselect
  • single select
  • chosen fields
  • range fields (numeric values only)
  • check box
  • radio buttons
The other unique feature is that you can choose the layout of the module - it can behave like standard module or like component (like com_search) with own menu and view.

NEW!!! Now you can create "Chained fields" - "select" and "choosen" fields can be dependent by other field and shows only relative results


In "Filter for K2" module you can also choose the filtering logic.

Parameter "Fields Compare Type" - Allows you to choose a logical operator when you select values ​​from several fields. The options are "AND" and "OR". The AND operator displays items if both the first condition and the second condition are true. The OR operator displays a items if either the first condition or the second condition is true.

Parameter "Fields Values Compare" – allows you to select the logic when selecting values ​​from one field. The options are "AND" and "OR". The AND operator displays a items if both the first condition and the second condition are true. The OR operator displays a items if either the first condition or the second condition is true.

The additional options of the module allows you to select the number of columns for the multiselect lists, the number of columns to be displayed for the filtered items, items per page and more.

"Filter for K2" supports all standard features of the core K2 modules: hide / display of: images, title, text, author, tags, extra fields; order of the items and etc.

The module is successfully tested to filter more than 6 000 K2 items at once! (It may depend on your hosting provider.)

"Filter for K2" is compatible with Multiple Extra Fields Groups (MEFG) for K2 from JoomReem.

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Release history:

[^]Removed jQuery inclusion because it was no longer needed and was causing issues with K2 2.8.0
[^]Added styling to some form controls in administration

[+]K2 2.7.x support and Joomla 3.5 compatibility

[+]Chained fields feature is added

[^]Pagination fatal error fix on joomla 3.4

[+]Added ajax filtering in the separate page results.
[^]chosen bug fix.

[+]Added support for K2 v.3

[+]All templates are loaded via views
[+]K2 category template native support in ajax and separate page view
[#]New templates (must redo old template overrides)
[#]Better pagination
[+]Price format options
[+]RTL support

[#]Use get instead of post for filtering form.
[+]Use positions for filter values and maintain internal relations with the hash.
[+]Helper class is object instead of static class.
[+]include noConflict js file to be able to work with multiple loaded jquery on one page.
[+]sef_ext for sh404
[+]allow overriding of style.css
[+]New templates (must redo old template overrides)

[^] Expected reference bug fix
[#] Escape quotes in js in parameter

[+] Show map on filter result page

[^] Fix date format for extrafields
[^] Fix non utf8 install sql
[+] Check if the module database table exists on update, if deleted manually create the table again.

[^] Featured first ordering bug fixed
[+] New ajax url using view
[+] Multilanguage support
[+] Parameter to show title as link
[+] Fix to be able to work when used on site that uses falang

[-] Removed sorting of filter options for multiselect, select and radio fields. Default order from the field is used.
[^] Bug fix regarding the lack of page class suffix.

[#] Add static to all static methods to avoid notices,
[#] Tag field improvement
[+] Fields groups in parameters

[+] Added menu item options
[+] Added compatibility with additional category plugin
[^] Various small bug fixes

[^] bug fix when hide counter option is activated
[+] Compatibility with advanced module manager.
[+] Added force parameter to treat the returned ajax result as json.
[^] Indexing js bug
[+] renamed js files so that they can not be removed by jquery easy by mistake

[+] Advanced fields manager
[+] different filter types
[+] reordering of the used filters
[+] text search
[+] date range filter
[+] cache issue when filter is used on separate page, fixed.
[+] namespace for the parameters in request
[+] multiple modules can be used on same page
[+] multiple menu item types for every cloned module can be used
[+] items count can be hided from parameters
[^] page title bug fixed
[+] indexing date fields now uses strtotime
[^] minor indexing bug fixed


[^] Pagination fix when category filter is used

[+] You can display search results on separate page and associate menu item for that page.

[+] Range filters are added. Example: Field "Price" Select all items between $5 and $100.

[^] Bug fix for K2 2.6.2.

[^] Indexing bug fix.

[+] Added option to automaticaly index all current items. No need to open and save them first.
[^] Minor bug fixes

[+] Added Joomla! 3.0 support

[+] Added Choosen.js - now you can easly select ans search values from the multiselect lists

[+] Filter fo K2 is released

[^] Bug fix
[#] Change
[+] New feature
[-] Removed feature

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