StyleWare Premium Bundle

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StyleWare Premium Bundle
  • Price: € 425.00
    € 99.00
    You Save: € 326.00
  1. Regular updates and bugfixes

    updates and
  2. Unlimited Domains usage

StyleWare Premium Bundle is our special offer for you. The package includes all our extensions for one price.
Get the bundle now and save more than 280 euros just with one purchase.

The bundle includes:
  • All StyleWare extensions released till now
  • All StyleWare extensions that will be released next 12 months
  • 7 days a week personal support
  • Access to all new features and bug fixes that will be released.
  • Unlimited domain usage for all extensions.
  • 30+ extensions till now (... and counting)
  • Fully supports latest K2 and Joomla versions

Extensions in the bundle:

  1. K2 Compare

  1. Google Maps Module
  2. SW Maps module
  3. K2 Filtrify Module
  4. Tubular module
  5. SW K2 Nivo Slider
  6. SW K2 Response Module
  7. K2 jPage module
  8. Dropdown Menu Module for K2
  9. K2 Flexslider Module
  10. Parallax module for K2
  11. SW K2 Hover module
  12. Filter for K2
  13. Backstretcher
  14. Spectagram
  15. Z Accordion

  1. Stylware K2 Maps plugin
  2. StyleWare Google Maps for Joomla content
  3. Mass Resize of K2 Images Including Crop
  4. K2 Zoomer plugin
  5. End of Page plugin for K2
  6. Complexify
  7. SW Tabs for K2
  8. SW Tabs PRO for K2
  9. Infinite Scroller
  10. Module position plugin
  11. Joomla! Hashtag plugin
  12. SW Image crop plugin
  13. Performance booster for K2
  14. Content Canonical plugin

  1. Socialware template
  2. Review - J! 1.5/2.5 template
  3. Styleware template for SIG Pro
  4. Photoswipe template for SIG Pro