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Module position plugin
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Handy plugin that loads module position between Joomla! Articles or K2 Items.

With this plugin you can easily monetize your site by adding banner, related item, tags, adwords or any other module between your articles.

The plugin have two modes:

1. Displaying module position on EVERY "X" articles
2. Displaying module position ONLY after article number "X"

Where "X" is parameter that you can set.

You can display banner after every 3 articles or only after the fourth article.

The other options of the plugin are:
Menu assignment - you can choose on which menu the plugin will be loaded.
Module position name - the name of the module position that will be loaded. All modules assigned to that position will be loaded by the plugin.

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Release history:

[+] Added Joomla! 3.5 support
[+] Added K2 2.7 support

[^] Featured menu type bug fix
[^] Bug fix
[#] Change
[+] New feature
[-] Removed feature

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