StyleWare K2 Maps - Google Maps Plugin v. 3.4.3

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StyleWare K2 Maps - Google Maps Plugin v. 3.4.3
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  1. Regular updates and bugfixes

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  2. Unlimited Domains usage



We decided to create a unique plugin to allow using Google Maps in K2 items and categories. With our demos, you will find how cool it is.
Works with Joomla 2.5, 3.5 and K2 2.6.x/2.7.x and 3.0

With this plugin you can:

  1. Add map with pin to each K2 entry.
  2. Choose the map type like roadmap, satellite etc (globally and per item).
  3. Choose from 4 color sets of icons (globally).
  4. Set locale like English, Russian etc. (globally).
  5. Choose the zoom (globally and per item).
  6. You can now choose the type of pin type (i.e. hotel, bar, restaurant etc.) to add (we have added some most common, you may decide to use any with small modification).
  7. You enter the address and the plugin will use the Google geocoding function to determine the correct place.
  8. Support for displaying all items in a category into a single map with link to each entry.
  9. Supports Google Street View.
  10. Supports Weather and clouds layers.
  11. Map in item admin view for easy drag and drop adding of coordinates
  12. Can use K2 extra fields for coordinates and address
  13. Support for Colorizr:
  14. Google streetview support
  15. Radius search
  16. KML Layer

Want to see it in action?

Demo 1 – K2 Item (single entry).

Demo 2 – K2 Category (all entries in a category).

Attention: In order to function correctly, the addresses entered in the plugin parameters per item, should be very correct and in the manner, which Google uses to determine the exact coordinates. Mistyping or wrong addresses will result into not loading the plugin for the exact K2 item.

Please note:
- 2.5.3 is the latest version, that will support Joomla 1.5!
- 2.6.8 is the latest version, that supports K2 2.5.X. Since v. 2.6.9 the map supports only K2 2.6.X and higher.

View demo

Release history:

[^]Removed jQuery inclusion because it was no longer needed and was causing issues with K2 2.8.0

[^]Fix for HTTPS based sites


[^]Added missing Google maps API key parameter to admin form

[+]Added Google maps API key parameter


[#]Changed links to Google SVN, which was deprecated.

[+]K2 2.7 and V3 compatibility.
[+]Joomla 3.5 support


[+]K2 V3 support is added.
[+]Streetview pitch and heading options are added.

[#]Removing Mootools dependancy, because Joomla 3.3 has dropped the support for it.
[+]Added new parameters on K2 item and K2 category levels for KML links.

[+]Option to disable the plugin on homepage
[+]Bug fixes

[^]Features update
[+]Bug fixes

[+]Google streetview options are added. Now you can load streetview directly into the map or in seperate box.
[+]K2 Maps plugin now use the latest visual style of google maps.

[+]Ability to display map in menus getting items from more than one category
[+]If you add "multilang" in Locale will get automatically the language of the site

[^]Radius filtering bugfix
[+]Parameter for unit selection (km/miles)
[+]Parameter to show/hide introtext inside pop-up
[+]Parameter to specify the introtext width

[+]Radius filtering the markers
[+]Color pack`s support
[+]Category zoom control parameter when there is only one marker on the map

[+] Added map in search, date and tag list
[+] Added parameter for KML layer

[+] Added parameter for maximum infowindow size

[^] Fixed bug in Firefox with infinite loading of the page

[+] Added option to select position of the map in the item, based on K2 events

[+] Added AJAX support for loading the markers. No you can load more than 5 000 markers at once!

[+] Added parameter to show or hide google in items or categories only.
[+] Added css file
[#] Added missing language string

[+] Added parameter to show or hide directions in items or categories only.

[^] Bug fix for K2 2.6.2

[+] Google Places search box

[^] Bug fix for Joomla! 3.0 support

[+] Added support for Joomla 3.0
[+] Added support to the latest version of K2 - 2.6.x
[-] Removed the support of K2 versions lower than 2.6.x

[+] Added support for Colorizr:
[+] Added support for MaxZoom when using clustering

[^] Removed very nasty bug with Geolocation, when the category has a lot of subcategories and items. Now we are geolocating only these items that really need to.

[+] Now can use K2 Extra Fields for coordinates and address

[^] Bugfix - removed php warning for categories without extra fields.

[+] Added option for readmore link in the marker pop-up.
[+] Added option for Extra fields in the marker pop-up.
[+] Added option to use markers as links instead of pop-ups.

[+] Possibility to change cluster icons in plugin code

[+] In version 2.6.1 is added google map in admin view of items. Now you can easily change coordinates and address by dragging a marker on the map.


[+] Google weather layer support.
[+] Google clouds layer support.

[^] Bug fix
[#] Change
[+] New feature
[-] Removed feature