jProtection – Antivirus for your Joomla site

Joomla! 3.0
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jProtection – Antivirus for your Joomla site
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  1. Regular updates and bugfixes

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  2. Unlimited Domains usage

jProtection AntiVirus is specially designed scanning tool for Joomla. It finds viruses, malwares and other threats living in hosting environments. The tool is based on Linux Malware Detect (LMD) and combines extensive definitions database with excellent scanning performance.

Unique key point is that LMD doesn't just detect malware based on signatures/hashes that someone else generated but rather it is an encompassing project that actively tracks in the wild threats and generates signatures based on those real world threats that are currently circulating.

By using jProtection AntiVirus, you will be able to identify if a known harmful code resides in your files silently and waiting for someone to exploit it.

Key features
  • Automatic updates of the signatures.
  • MD5 file hash detection for quick threat identification
  • HEX based pattern matching for identifying threat variants
  • "scan-recent" option to scan only files that have been added/changed in X days
  • Virus definition updated on regular basis
  • More than 8000 MD5 definitions and around 2000 HEX definitions
  • 1 Click to scan your whole site (All files and folders)
  • Based on Linux Malware Detect (LMD)
  • Pay once – use it as much as you can (no sites limit or monthly fee)
  • Fully compatible with latest joomla version

How to use it
  1. Install jProtection AntiVirus from the standard Joomla extensions installer
  2. Go to: Components > jProtection
  3. Click "Start scan"
  4. That's it – after the progress bar is complete you will have list of all infected files in your site.